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  • Want to know for SURE that you'll get that pizza when you want it?

There is a way and it is called


I am limited to the number of mouth-watering, tongue-slappin' your brain pies that I can produce in a given day, but I can get the most done when I have some advance notice of the demand, which is something that makes this little pizza enterprise a challenge.

Most days I have unused pizza dough ... that I have labored to prepare.  I make the dough myself daily for the days that I am baking pies.  Well, I actually make it the evening before so it can cold-ferment overnight under refrigeration, adding to the depth of the flavor of the neapolitan dough.


This enables me to precisely gauge the amount of dough that I make for the following day AND eliminates wasted time and product ... thus saving me money and improving my profit margin - yes, I've got one of those and I need to make it. 

I value my TIME more than anything else.  I have nothing more precious to me than the gift of time.


This will save me TIME as well.  This means you just need to show up at your pickup time and take ownership of your pizzas!  The time that it would take for me to collect cash and make change or process a credit or debit card is eliminated.


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