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Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

Published on April 10, 2021 - Updated on April 10, 2021
Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

YES!  Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

I am introducing my first two dessert pizzas tomorrow.

  • The Apple Pie
  • The Banana Cream Pie

They will be $20 each.


I am OPEN Every Day
for the Month of April.

I will be tracking my sales each day.
Whatever my slowest day is will become a day off starting May.

Who knows?  If I have two equally slow days, I might even take 2 days off.



11 AM to 1 PM (Lunch)

5 PM to 7 PM (Dinner)

I AM IN THE BUILDING (Often Available)


or CALL 360-775-9162

1:30 PM to 5 PM



CALL  360-775-9162

Best Way to Order is to
Text Your Order


Usually, traffic makes very difficult to hear on phone!

You should get a reply within 5 mins.  If you don't, call!

Looking for Port Angeles Artisan, Outdoor Wood-fired Pizza?

Looking for Port Angeles Artisan, Outdoor Wood-fired Pizza?

Pofokes Pizza (pofokes.com) is a small-batch Port Angeles Street Food vendor, located under the Pofokes tent on the east side of Port Angeles Business Central.

Port Angeles Business Central is on the southwest corner of Front Street and Race Street (across the street from Jack in the Box.

Pofokes prepares fast and fresh neapolitan style pizza in our own oven we built ourselves and serves it up hot with dough made from scratch each day. 

Our Port Angeles Street Food fare includes some unique fast and fresh Port Angeles Comfort Food, too.  We are under the tent on the corner of Front and Race Streets in Port Angeles, Washington.

When you are looking for:

... you are looking for POFOKES!

From Website Services to a Popup Tent Pizza Business

My name is Doug and I'm the guy that operates PoFokes.

Since 2020, my website business has been suffering like so many other small businesses.  Many of you know that I have this "pizza skill" which before was only a hobby.  I'm hoping it will keep me alive now!

Some of you have enjoyed the "free pizza days" I have done for years.  Now, the days will be Tuesday through Saturday under the tent, but no longer free.

So many of you have suggested that I should sell them ... well, now I am!  So, come by and purchase some.

"Pofokes" is short for Pofokes Pizza is also known as (AKA) Pofokes Pizza or Poor Folks Pizza.

PoFokes is an outgrowth of one of my personal interests and my love of wood-fired pizza!  I've been building earth ovens, clay ovens and composite, refractory mix ovens since about 2006.

I enjoy cooking and the interaction with the people of Port Angeles over my little pizza operation.

View and/or Download the Online Menu

The Pofokes Pizza menu includes the traditional standard Italian pies as well as some of my own creations that are sure to make your tongue slap your brain!

Pizza Dough Prepared Fresh Daily

I use the Italian Neapolitan Pizza standard 00 flour with a 70% hydration that results in that strong, thin inside crust with the nice, charred and puffy edges that can only be achieved by pizzas prepared and baked in a traditional, wood-fired pizza oven.

Pizzas take 60 - 90 seconds to bake.

Daily Standards and Daily Special

Currently, I bake these daily: the Napoletana Margherita, a Pepperoni and an Italian Sausage.  Each day, I also bake one of my own specialty pizzas.  Custom orders are also available for an additional fee.

Pizza Napoletana Margherita

  • 12" pizza dough
  • marinara sauce
  • bit of parmesan
  • pinch of sea salt
  • fresh mozzarella
  • fresh basil leaves
  • extra virgin olive oil 

Pofokes Special: 4 cheeses & 3 toppings

  • 12" pizza dough
  • marinara sauce
  • parmesan, cheddar, jack & mozzarella cheese
  • you select up to 3 toppings (1 meat, 2 veggies)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sprinkle of pofokes pizza topping


The Historie of Pizza

Pizza was a "po fokes" food.

Pizza is now a type of bread and tomato dish, often served with cheese. However, until the late ninettenth or early twentieth century, the dish was sweet, not savory, and earlier versions which were savory more resembled the flat breads now known as schiacciata.

Pellegrino Artusi's classic early twentieth century cookbook, La Scienza in Cucina E L'arte Di Mangiar Bene gives three recipes for pizza, all of which are sweet ... Source: Wikipedia

Want to Learn More? Click Here

The Pizza Napoletana Margherita

12" pizza crust

marinara sauce

(I add just a bit of shredded parmesan cheese)

freshly shaved garlic

fresh mozzarella

fresh basil leaves

then I top it with:

extra virgin olive oil

perfect seven seasoning

dusting of grated parmesan

The Pizza Napoletana Margherita
Wood Fired Pizza in Port Angeles
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