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What days and hours are you open?

Pofokes hours vary since this currently and literally a "one man" operation, and it is also a "side hustle" and not my main business or means of income.

Please see the banner that is posted at the top of all every page on the website for the most current operating days and hours.

The Kitchen & the Tent

I have a small kitchen in the PABCENTRAL building and I serve from the tent.

If it is very windy and rainy, I may not open.

Cold weather only will not prevent me from being open.

Call to Confirm

You may always call to confirm whether or not I am open if the weather is questionable and the banner on the top of the website says I'm open.

When I have decided to close, I first change the physical sign to closed by the tent and then I change the banner on the website.



Do you cater?

I am not currently setup for catering, sorry.

However, I can schedule additional hours to bake pizzas for your group outside of regular operating hours.

Can you build a pizza oven for me?

Yes.  I am building the same style pizza oven (and size) that I am using here as a kit, starting at $1,500.  It takes about 2 months from order before it is ready to pick up.  You can pick it up here when it is ready.

Advance payment is required.  No refunds.  It is a lot of work.

Can I open my own "Pofokes"?

Yes, you can.

I require that you use my basic recipes and follow my production procedures.

I will give you a sub-directory on this website (enabling you to use the same domain).

Setup Requirements Costs

  • Oven Kit: Starts at $1,500
  • Recipes, Training and Website Setup: $2,500
  • Monthly Support: $100
    • Website
    • Local Search
    • Phone Support

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Questions and Answers Or
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

Questions and Answers

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