The Popup Tent is Now Closed.
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Pofokes Popup Tent Closed

Published on June 14, 2022
Pofokes Popup Tent Closed

Sorry, guys!

I decided to close the popup tent part of my business.  Still doing special events and selling pizza oven kits, however.

$5 Fast Meal Deals are Here Now!

Published on November 10, 2021

You can get any of the following for $5 including tax until sold out each day:

  1. Pizza slice & beverage(I sell pepperoni, sausage & cheese pizzas by the slice during peak hours)
  2. Hot dog, chips & beverage
  3. Small chili-cheese nachos & beverage
  4. Small chili & beverage
  5. Small soup & beverage
  6. Simple salad & beverage
  7. Biscuits & gravy & beverage

Visit the $5 Fast Meal Deals Page

Open Days and Hours as of November 2021

Published on October 28, 2021 - Updated on November 09, 2021
Open Days and Hours as of November 2021

I am now open Monday through Friday, serving lunch starting at 10 am.  I will be open until 1 pm for lunch and may be open later until I sell out of dough.

  • Open Monday through Friday
  • 10 am to 1 pm
  • Maybe later until I sell out of dough

The scrolling banner at the top of my website will tell you if I am currently open.  If you have questions, call 360-775-9162!

I am expanding my menu soon.  Stay tuned!

Call 360-775-9162 to order.

New Open Days and Hours

Published on August 21, 2021
New Open Days and Hours

Pofokes Pizza in Port Angeles is now open:

  • Monday through Friday
  • 11 am to 6 pm

Same Day Orders:

1) It is best to first text in your order to 360-775-9162, providing your name and when you would like to arrive for your pizza.

2) Phone 360-775-9162 to confirm the order you texted in.

Day or More in Advance Orders:

  1. Email your order first: TAP HERE
  2. Phone confirm order: 360-775-9162


Open on Mondays Now!

Published on August 09, 2021 - Updated on August 09, 2021
Open on Mondays Now!

I'm excited to announce that Pofokes will be open on Mondays!


Hours of operation are staying the same, 9 am to 7 pm or until I run out of dough.


Get your orders in early!  Text to 360-775-9162.


New Days and Hours

Published on April 26, 2021 - Updated on April 28, 2021
New Days and Hours

Hi fans.

Starting this weekend, I will be closed on the following days:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

My new days of operation will be Tuesday - Friday and new hours will be 9 am to 7 pm or until I run out of dough.

Get your orders in early!  Text to 360-775-9162.


Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

Published on April 10, 2021 - Updated on April 10, 2021
Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

YES!  Dessert Pizzas are Coming Soon!

I am introducing my first two dessert pizzas tomorrow.

  • The Apple Pie
  • The Banana Cream Pie

They will be $20 each.

Private Dining Now Available

Published on March 28, 2021 - Updated on March 28, 2021
Private Dining Now Available

We now have made available private dining as an option for guests of Pofokes Pizza.  We have three private rooms available with windows to parking lot and room #3 has windows to parking and Front Street.

Cost for these private rooms is $10 per half hour.  Larger rooms will become available soon.


Published on March 25, 2021


  • 1 Pepperoni or Sausage Pizza with 2 veggies and 2 beverages for $15
  • 2 Pepperoni or Sausage Pizzas with 2 veggies and 4 beverages for $29


Must pay in cash for this special offer.

Please text your order to 360-775-9162 and provide your name and time you want to pick up.

5 Minute Neapolitan Pizzas Lunch and Dinner

Published on March 23, 2021 - Updated on March 25, 2021
5 Minute Neapolitan Pizzas Lunch and Dinner

I have my pizza and pizza shell holding bin completed and my custom cold table for holding products - both of these will enable me to speed up my production.

I will be par-baking 25 crusts for lunch (11 am - 1 pm) and 25 crusts for dinner (5 pm - 7 pm), enabling me to get pizzas topped, baked and delivered in 5 minutes each (or less).

Paying with cash helps because this is faster and if you pay with cash for a 8" or 12" pizzas, you get a free beverage!

Closed for Maintenance

Published on March 16, 2021 - Updated on March 17, 2021
Closed for Maintenance

Hi folks. I'm going to have to close for two to three days to get some important things finished up for the Pofokes Pizza operation. I have been trying to complete these things while operating, but cannot.

  • I will be closed today and tomorrow for sure, and I may need to be closed on Thursday.  UPDATEI WILL NEED THURSDAY TO COMPLETE MY TENTOVATION.  SORRY!
  • I WILL be open again for sure on Friday.

I will keep you updated here and on the website.

Thank you for your support and encouragement in this new venture of mine.

Pofokes Pizza New Days and Hours

Published on March 09, 2021 - Updated on March 15, 2021
Pofokes Pizza New Days and Hours

Pofokes Pizza is open Tuesdays through Sundays and is closed on Mondays.

  • I am serving lunch 11 am to 1 pm and dinner 5 pm to 7 pm. 
  • I am also sometimes available other hours in the middle of the day and later than 7 pm as well.

If you  text in your order for pickup between lunch and dinner I can usually accommodate you as well.

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