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DIY Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

DIY Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Are you looking for easy to follow DIY Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven instructions?

This is a short list below for your quick reference.  I have learned most of what I know or think I know by reading Kiko Denzer's Book.  It is a great resource!  My suggestions draw heavily from his book, although I have researched dozens of other resources. (Many of which reference his book).  It seems he is one of the leading experts in this, so buying his book is a smart investment.

The Materials

  • Insulation
  • Floor
  • Dome
  • Door

The Math

You can actually build the oven at any size.  You'll want to build it as small as possible and still have it suit your needs.  Note that your oven should be cooking pizzas at 800oF to 1000oF, so they will cook in 1 to 3 minutes!  It is easier to build and operate a smaller oven than a big one, and if your primary reason for building it is to cook delicious personal pizzas for a few people, then a small oven will do.

I made my first oven with a 26" floor and it was completed in 1 day and we cooked pizzas in it the first night!

My children talked me into making one big enough (for our patio) to be able to cook a super-large "family size" pizza.  As you will see below, there are some math rules that you've got to follow.  Building an oven that large required a 36" floor and it was EXPONENTIALLY more difficult than making a smaller one.

  • FW = Floor Width
  • IDH = Inside Dome Height
  • ODW = Oven Door Width
  • ODH = Oven Door Height

The Floor: the floor should be between 20" to 27" (length and width).  Your floor will be basically round.

The Inside Dome Height: the inside dome height should be a few inches higher than 1/2 the width of the floor.  (1/2 FW X 3"-6")

The Oven Door Height: the oven door width should be 63% of the inside height of your oven dome for best performance.

The Oven Door Width: the oven door width should be 1/3 to 1/2 the inner diameter of the oven floor.  (think of the width of the pizza peel you will be using)


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