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Pofokes Basic Pompeii Oven Kit

Pofokes Basic Pompeii Oven Kit

The prototype for this kit is the production unit for Pofokes Pizza, located in the tent at Port Angeles Business Central.  It has been used regularly since 2016, first for free pizza dayes for our clients and then by Pofokes Pizza. 

Note that this pizza kit is a home user's model.  We are baking up to 50 pies a day using this oven, but it is not easy and was not built for commercial volume use.

It takes a couple of hours to fire up to cooking temperature and you can cook on pie of up to 16" at a time in it, but we recommend only up to 14" and 12" is much easier.

I can cook a 16" pie in this oven ... but you probably can't. laughing  Stick with 12".

Oven Dome Only: $1,500

We will build and sell you the Oven Dome only for $1,500.  Prepare your own base and oven floor (fire bricks) and come up with your own insulation and save a lot of money. laughing

Complete Kit Price: $5,000

We only build these kits by order and we ask 60 days for delivery.  We cure our ovens for a minimum of 30 days. You may make payments by installment, but we don't promise to start the build for your kit when all payments have been completed.  NO REFUNDS.

The Pofokes Basic Pompeii Oven Kit includes all the materials you will need to setup your own wood-fired pizza oven from the base up.


  • Insulative Floor (insulative concrete mix)
  • Oven Thermal Floor (standard firebricks)
  • Oven Dome Walls (refractory thermal mass)
  • Oven Dome Insulation (rock wool insulation)
  • Firing Door

Does NOT Include:

  • Base
  • Cement (for insulation slurry & finishing plaster)
  • Delivery (you may pick up at our building)


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