Pofokes is OPEN this week Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 1pm!

Old World Wood Fired Artisan Pizza

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Old World Wood Fired Artisan Pizza

Traditional Napoletana and Popular Classics are available every day we are open.  We also have daily specials (posted on main part of site).  Availability of Family, Specialty and Dessert Pizzas vary.  (please see daily specials).

Why called Pofokes?  Pizza was first street food that peasants would eat, a flat bread with some herbs to fill the stomach.  We have expanded that - you can choose red or white sauces, cheese and toppings.  Our basic pie that we bake in our Pompeii style, wood-fired pizza oven uses 12 oz of pizza dough stretched to @ 12" pie.

Pofokes prepares fast and fresh neapolitan style pizza in our own oven we built ourselves and serves it up hot with dough made from scratch each day. 

Our street food fare includes some unique fast and fresh comfort foods, too.  We are under the tent on the corner of Front and Race Streets in Port Angeles, Washington.

From Website Services to a Popup Tent Pizza Business

My name is Doug and I'm the guy that operates PoFokes.

Since 2020, my website business has been suffering like so many other small businesses.  Many of you know that I have this "pizza skill" which before was only a hobby.  I'm hoping it will keep me alive now!

Some of you have enjoyed the "free pizza days" I have done for years.  Now, the days will be Tuesday through Saturday under the tent, but no longer free.

So many of you have suggested that I should sell them ... well, now I am!  So, come by and purchase some.

"Pofokes" is short for Pofokes Pizza is also known as (AKA)

Pofokes Pizza or Poor Folks Pizza

PoFokes is an outgrowth of one of my personal interests and my love of wood-fired pizza!  I've been building earth ovens, clay ovens and composite, refractory mix ovens since about 2006.

I enjoy cooking and the interaction with the people of Port Angeles over my little pizza operation.

I Built the Oven

I built the POFOKES PIZZA OVEN that I am using.  I actually designed a stainless steel mold that I have used to make two other ovens as well.

I plan on providing the POFOKES PIZZA OVEN KITS soon - perhaps in the spring of 2021.

If you are interested in owning your own Pofokes Pizza oven, get in touch with me.  I'm thinking the cost will be between $1,500 & $2,500.

Coding & Cooking

My main business since 2004 has been the website builder (CMS - Content Management System) that I created: Best Way Websites.

In between the prep and cooking times, I still take care of the administrative responsibilities of Best Way Websites.

Restaurant Cook & Management Background

While in high school, I worked for years for a local fried chicken company and then worked for another stuffed potato restaurant as well.

After college, I managed a seafood restaurant for two years.

Local Businesses Love POFOKES PIZZA!


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