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Pofokes Pizza Oven Kits

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Pofokes Pizza brings families, neighbors and communities together via our old-world, wood-fired pizza oven kits, education & instruction.

Poor Folks Pizza or Poor Fokes Pizza or Po Fokes Pizza

Well, just call it POFOKES at POFOKES.COM!  The domain name will work, too, it just isn't as fun as plain old "".

What is PoFokes?

To start with, PoFokes is a leisurely engagement of my time.  My livelihood is from marketing a website building and content management application called

My pasttimes are gardening and cooking - especially man-type cooking, outdoors on the barbque or roasting and baking delicious and healthy foods in my wood-fired earth oven, including my own PoFokes Pizzas.

Presently PoFokes Pizza is something I am doing for fun.

It is also something I am doing as a customer appreciation thank you for my clients.  (I've got about 100 local website development and internet marketing clients via Best Way Websites.

Pofokes Pizza Ovens Supplies

  • 22" Wide Inside Dome Floor
  • 14" High Inside Dome
  • 13" Wide Door Opening
  • 8.75" High Door Opening
  • 2.5" Thick Oven Dome Wall
  • 2.5" Thick Dome Insulation
  • Oven Floor Standard, 2.5" Thick Firebricks

Materials Used

  • Oven Dome Thermal Mass
    • 6 Parts Pumice
    • 2 Parts Alumina Silica Sand
    • 2 Parts Cement
    • 1 Part Lime
    • 1 Part Diatomaceous Earth
    • 1 Part Fireclay
    • 1 Part Silica Glass Fiber

  • Oven Dome Insulation
    • Aircrete
      • Made with Magnesium Oxide Cement Foam
      • Reinforced with Silica Glass Fiber

Optional Oven Floor

  • 36" X 36" Oven Floor Base
  • 2" Thermal Mass
  • 2" Insulation
  • Fits in optional steel cart (below)

Optional Steel Cart

  • 36" X 36" X 36"
  • Tool Shelf
  • Wood Rack

Recommended Supplies

  • American Metalcraft 5212 12" x 14" Aluminum Pizza Peel with 38" Wood Handle (About $12)
  • American Metalcraft 3209 9" x 11" Aluminum Pizza Peel with 21 1/2" Wood Handle (About $10)
Pofokes Pizza Oven Kits


HISTORICALLY, PIZZA WAS THE WORKERS' (Poor people or common laborer's) Food.

Local Businesses Love POFOKES!