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Email Order Day Before or Earlier

Email Order Day Before or Earlier

If you will Email Your Order in a Day Before or Earlier and let me know when you want to pick it up, I will be able to ensure I have all of the product on hand to enable me to fulfill your request.

Note: do NOT email requests for SAME DAY pizza ordersSend Text & Call Instead.

If you can TEXT, send a text message first: 360-775-9162 and then followup with a phone call to confirm the order.

Orders for Tomorrow or Later ....

Your pizza(s) order details, for example:

1) Pepperoni, no veggies

2) Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and olives.

3) The Dad

What day and what time?  For example:

Thursday 7/22 at 6:30 pm.

If you are having trouble completing the form above ... 

... You may send a direct email instead.

Let me know what you want on each pie and when you want to pick your order up.

  • Your Name
  • Date for Order
  • Time to Pick up

You may also prepay for your orders online.

Send your email to:

You will get a reply with a pre-payment link.  Pre-payment is not be required for single pizza orders, (for two or more pizzas it is).  Pre-paying will save me time and you will result in FREE stuff for you! 

You'll get a free beverage or ice cream for each pizza you order if you do.  (Just like paying in cash at the tent). 


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