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The Pofokes Perfect Pie

The Pofokes Perfect Pie

The Pofokes Perfect Pie is the standard, 12" (medium) pie. 

It is served with a single meat and your choice of two vegetable toppings included in base price.

Here's how hey are all started:

  • 12 oz of neapolitan (thin crust) pizza dough made fresh daily using my own sourdough starter and stretched to approximately 12" so it will fit in the box.
  • about 3 oz of pizza sauce (red or marinara is standard)
  • FRESHLY shaved garlic (about a clove or two)
    • If you don't love garlic, say something or you are going to learn to love it like you should. :-)
  • about 4 oz (1 cup) of cheese blend (mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, jack)

Now, we build upon this firm foundation to create your custom, perfect pie.

Pofokes Perfect Cheese Pie: $15

  • Add another about 3 oz (2/3 cup) of shredded cheese at no additional cost

Pofokes Perfect Vegetarian Pie $15

  • Choose up to 5 available veggie toppings

Pofokes Perfect Vegan Pie $15

  • Don't add the cheese
  • Choose up to 7 available veggie toppings

Pofokes Perfect Pepperoni Pie $15

  • Top with about 3.5 oz (about 30 small or 9 large slices) pepperoni
  • Note: beeferoni is all beef summer sausage sliced thinly like pepperoni :-)

Pofokes Perfect Italian Sausage Pie $15

  • Top with about 4 oz roasted chicken (1 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Hamburger Pie $15

  • Top with about 4 oz beef & chicken crumble (2/3 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Taco Meat Pie $17

  • Top with about 4 oz seasoned ground beef (2/3 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Roasted Chicken Pie $17

  • Top with about 3.5 oz roasted chicken (2/3 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Shrimp Pie $18

  • Top with about 4 oz shrimp (from frozen) (1/2 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Roast Beef Pie $19

  • Top with about 3.5 oz roast beef (2/3 cup)

Pofokes Perfect Roast Lamb Pie $20

  • Top with about 4 oz lamb (1/2 cup)


Additional Marinara (Red) Sauce

The base is 3 oz, which adds quite a bit of moisture to my neapolitan style (thin) crust.  I don't advise adding more sauce.  If you want to double the sauce, I will par-bake the crust a bit and then add the extra sauce.

  • Double sauce: $2

Additional Veggies

It is my opinion that usually 1 meat and 2 veggies provide the best blend of flavors for the palate, but there are exceptions and sometimes I digress from this, but I try to keep the additional veggies extra light. 

1 meat and two veggies of your choice are always included in the perfect pie.  If you want additional veggie toppings, add $1 each to the cost.

  • Additional veggie toppings: $1 each

Double Cheese

The cheese base is 4 ounces, which is a generous cover for my 12" pies, but if you need it cheesier, ask!

  • Double grated cheese blend: $2
  • Double fresh mozzarella cheese: $4

Double Meats

I think the meat base I use is an adequate cover to my 12" pies, but if you need your pie meatier, ask!

  • Double pepperoni: $2
  • Double beef/chicken crumble: $2
  • Double italian sausage: $2
  • Double chicken: $2
  • Double taco meat: $3
  • Double roast beef: $4
  • Double shrimp: $4
  • Double lamb: $5


The Most Popular Pofokes Perfect Pie is Shown Below

The most popular Pofokes Perfect Pie is our pepperoni with marinara sauce, mushrooms and black olives.

  • A close second is adding Italian sausage to it. :-)
Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Black Olives - the most popular Pofokes Perfect Pie!

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