Pofokes is OPEN this week Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 1pm!

Get Free Beverages With Each Pizza Ordered

Get Free Beverages With Each Pizza Ordered

You can Get Free Beverages With Each Pizza Ordered if you do either or both of the following:

  1. Pay with Cash
  2. Bring your own Container

Why Pay with Cash?

One reason is I am trying to serve more people and accepting cash is much faster than processing a credit card, enabling me to serve more people (make more sales) which makes me more money.

Another reason is that it costs me about a buck (on average) to accept a credit card when all fees are considered.

  • It costs me LESS to GIVE you a free beverage than to take a credit or debit card ... so we both win.

Why Bring your Own Container?

There are a couple of great reasons.  As a nation, we are going through about 3 BILLION pizza boxes each year.  They ARE recyclable.  The grease and cheese left in boxes do NOT prevent them from being recycled.

But there is a better way to recycle.

Bring your own container.  Any container that you pizza will fit in.  Some customers line their boxes with foil and bring them back.  Others have opted to purchase our pizza porter ($20).

I'm in business to sell pizzas, NOT boxes ... 

Pizza boxes cost me about a buck on average to purchase, fold and process.

  • Saving me this time and expense will save me money, so I'll give you a free beverage for that, too!


Pofokes Perfect Pies (12" medium pies with one meat and 2 veggies) are only $15 (including tax).  If you pay with cash AND bring your own container, you get 2 free beverages!

Local Businesses Love POFOKES PIZZA!


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