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Five Dollar Fast Meals

I am continually monitoring my sales of each of the things below to try to ensure that I have adequate to meet the demand each day without having to throw food away.

Since I don't reheat what I do not serve, I must be careful not to waste, so I want to either sell out each day or come very close to selling out.

You can get any of the following for $5 including tax until sold out each day:

Available beverages are canned sodas and bottled water.

Whole Wood-fired Pizzas

I also make whole pizzas until I run out of dough they typically take about 5 minutes from start to finish and I bake one pie at a time.

  • So, if everything is "perfect" I can output 12 full sized pies per hour.

If you end up having to WAIT, it is not likely you will have to wait much longer than you would at any other pizzeria.

$5 Fast Meal Deals!

Five Dollar Fast Meals

Local Businesses Love POFOKES!


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